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Uneek Introduces the Next Evolution in Bridal Jewelry

Tuesday, February 27, 2018  
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Los Angeles, CA - Uneek Jewelry, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer founded and run by 12-time award-winning designer Benjamin Javaheri, has launched a new bridal collection, adding to their ever-growing portfolio of engagement and bridal designs.

Dubbed the Us Collection, the line was officially launched to retail stores last week and to consumers early this week, after a “soft launch” or sneak preview was given to select Centurion retailers a couple of weeks ago at the recently concluded Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, AZ. [Click the image below for a teaser video.]

Us Collection Teaser Video

The collection, which is Uneek’s first official bridal set collection (i.e., each engagement ring comes with a matching wedding band), is inspired by Uneek’s breakthrough line of unique and stylish stackable diamond bands that was such a hit—and still remains a hit—among retailers ever since they were introduced at the 2016 Centurion Show. “We came up with the collection of stackable diamond bands to cater to the millennial customers, and the style-savvy self-purchase customers, and suddenly they just took on a life of its own,” shares Javaheri. “In no time people were looking for the bangle versions of the bands, and so we came out with a line of stackable diamond bangles; and then people were starting to look for the earring versions, and so a line of hoop earrings came next.” Like the bangles and the hoop earrings before it, this new Us Collection of engagement rings and wedding bands was developed in response to customer demands: “Our sales teams would go on the road, attend retailers’ trunk shows, and they were always faced with the same questions: a consumer would pick a stackable band style or two that they really liked, and ask, ‘Do you have an engagement ring version of this band?’ or ‘Can I set a diamond on top of this band to make it an engagement ring?’” Javaheri adds. “And that was when we knew: a new collection was waiting to be born!”

 Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Band, with Navette-Shaped Cluster Accents, in 14K White Gold
Round Diamond Bridal Set with Milgrain-Trimmed Pave Bars 
Round Diamond Bridal Set with Milgrain-Trimmed Pave Bars, in 14K White Gold

Development of the line came at a very opportune time for Uneek—the design house had just expanded this past fall/winter, adding a number of in-house CAD specialists to their design and manufacturing team. “We were going full throttle, and were able to produce more than a dozen styles in just three weeks,” Javaheri declares. “I am extremely proud of this collection—it is the most creative, most original collection we have come up with since my first bridal collection Silhouette, which was launched over 5 years ago. Sure, we have introduced countless other bridal collections during the intervening time—like the Amore Collection, the Infinity Collection, to name a few that our retailers love to carry this day—but this new Us Collection really takes the cake in a lot of ways. One, it features unconventional, unique band designs that millennial customers will love. Two, the price points are very attractive. Three, it elevates the two most important pieces of jewelry in a woman’s life to a ‘living, growing set,’ one to which they can add on as additional milestones are achieved, and one that empowers them to celebrate their individuality.”

Round Diamond Bridal Set with Tapered Baguette Diamond Accents 
Round Diamond Bridal Set with Tapered Baguette Diamond Accents, in 14K Rose Gold
 Round Diamond Bridal Set with Diamond-Shaped Cluster Accents
Round Diamond Bridal Set with Diamond-Shaped Cluster Accents, in 14K Yellow Gold

The latter aspect was what inspired Javaheri come up with the name Us Collection: “It starts with the engagement ring and the wedding band as a token of a couple’s love: Think ‘the two of us’… When the first baby comes, and another band is added to the stack, that can them symbolize ‘the three of us’… And so on and so forth…” This aspect is also what makes the collection even more special to the designer, since “stacking” their celebration jewelry has been a practice observed by the Javaheri household for years—when Benjamin got married, him and his wife had wedding bands, and then new sets of bands were added to celebrate the arrival of their first child, etc. Javaheri and team also delight in the fact that the collection hits the “self-purchase sweet spot:” not only do the bands (which can be purchased separately) come in a robust variety of styles, they also come with reasonable price tags, and so the consumers can have fun shopping, and mixing and matching! “It really is the next evolution in bridal jewelry,” says Javaheri, “and we are proud to be in the forefront of it!”

The Uneek Us Collection consists of fifteen (15) inaugural styles, each available in all three metal colors (white, rose and yellow gold). The full collection may now be viewed on Uneek’s Website. If you are interested in learning more about the collection, or to request for a line sheet in PDF format, please send an e-mail to, or call a Uneek Customer Service Representative at 1-888-BE-UNEEK.


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