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Pantone's Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Tuesday, January 23, 2018  
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For those who have a penchant for purple, you can thank Pantone® for their Color of the Year 2018 choice: Ultra Violet (18-3838).

Ultra Violet is a blue-based purple that is vast and rich like the night sky. It symbolizes non-conformity, individuality, and pushing the boundaries. To gaze upon this luxuriant purple tone, one cannot help but feel their spiritual side awaken.

Naturally, when we think of Ultra Violet, we think gemstones! Our AGS members know a thing or two about using this wonderful color in their designs. Below are a few of our favorites that are the personification of purple.

 Omi Prive purple spinel
Oval cut purple spinel framed by diamonds and alexandrite, by Omi Privé
 United Color Gems amethyst
Pear-shaped amethyst pendant studded with diamonds, by United Color Gems.
 Supreme Jewelry amethyst
Amethyst and diamond earrings by, Supreme Jewelry.
Danhier amethyst earrings
Cabochon amethyst drop earrings framed by diamonds and pink sapphire, by Danhier.
Goshwara Rock 'n Roll Amethyst
"Rock 'n Roll" large amethyst
cushion cabochon ring.
Parle Gems amethyst
Pear-shaped amethyst and diamond pendant, by Parlé Gems.


Are you feeling the power of purple? Visit an AGS jeweler near you and ask them to show you designs featuring gemstones that exhibit these amazing Ultra Violet hues!


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