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A Passion for Pink: Pink Diamonds & Pink Sapphires

Monday, January 22, 2018  
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Article and photos courtesy of American Gem Society (AGS) member, Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs and Gem Platinum.


"Pretty in pink" at Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum means pink sapphires and pink diamonds, with a nod to pink tourmaline. Choose your shade and dive into the fabulous world of pink gemstones. You will never look back.

Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires are the hot sibling of the gracious deep blue most people associate with sapphires. Electric and alive, pink sapphires are the perfect stone for cocktail rings and a night out on the town.

Pink sapphire with diamond halo
Cushion cut pink sapphire with diamond halo.
Pink sapphire ring with double row diamond halo
Oval pink sapphire set in a double row diamond halo.
Pink sapphire with taper baguette and round diamonds
Oval pink sapphire set with tapered baguette and round brilliant diamonds.

Hot pink isn’t just for her. The cabochon pink tourmaline ring shown below brings a bit of fun for him too.

 Cabochon pink tourmaline ringCabochon pink tourmaline bezel set in rose gold.

Like the pink sapphire, pink tourmaline is not the color commonly associated with this stone. Pink tourmaline is possibly created through the introduction of radiation to the stone during formation. Magnesium also produces pink and red hues in gemstones. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors and hues outside the olive green it is commonly associated with.

The hot pink stone used in the Jeffrey Daniels design above is a good example of pink tourmaline in color. Interestingly, some of the best pink tourmaline comes from the Cryo-Genie Mine in San Diego, CA.

Pink Diamonds: Possibly the Prettiest Stones on the Planet

This pink diamond wedding ring from Gem Platinum is a fabulous way to say "I do!" The rose gold setting adds to the elegance and grace of the stones in this eternally classic band.

 Pink diamond eternity band
Pave fancy pink diamond eternity band in 18kt rose gold.

Fancy pink diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones available. Fancy pink diamonds are graded according to the depth of their pink color: the deeper the color, the more expensive the stone.

Unlike hot pink sapphires, the pink in diamonds is an elegant pastel shade of pink.

 Natural pink diamond necklace
Circular bezel set natural pink diamond bracelet in 18kt gold.
Bezel set pink diamond earrings
Bezel set pink diamonds surrounded by petals of pear cut white diamonds. 
Natural fancy pink radiant diamond ring
Natural fancy pink radiant diamond set in a floral petal design ring in platinum and 18kt gold.


If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will also become an heirloom or an investment, a pink diamond may be the stone of choice.


About the Author

Since its establishment, American Gem Society member, Gem Platinum, has provided only the finest quality, service and value in its jewelry collection. They continue to be in the forefront of fine traditional jewelry design and craftsmanship incorporating only the finest natural diamonds and gemstones.

Truly unique gemstones require a truly unique setting for their beauty to be revealed. Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs has created an extraordinary synergy of these concepts by combining his passion for the unusual with an uncompromising eye for detail and design. This collection of one-of-a-kind jewels are the result as no two pieces will ever be alike.


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