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Stay One Step Ahead With These Three Breakout Sessions

Monday, December 4, 2017  
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As a member of the American Gem Society, the continuance of your education is important. Attending Conclave is an essential part of your on-going learning experience. Where else can you get all this valuable information in one place?

This month’s breakout session spotlights focus on three classes you'll be able to take at Conclave. One will update you on worldwide precious metal marks, another will offer insight on how to properly (and masterfully) use a spectroscope, and the third class will teach you how to instruct your sales force to stay one step ahead of the consumer on basic watch knowledge.


The Changing Face of Precious Metal Marks Worldwide
Presenters: Danusia Niklewicz and William Whetstone, Directors, Hallmark Research Institute

With the new millennia came a new era in the global marking of precious metals. The new hallmarks of post-Soviet countries, the Hallmarking Convention expanding to 21 countries, Fair Mined Fair Traded gold gaining recognition, offshore hallmarking expanding, and the implementation of hallmarking in a major gold jewelry producing nation has affected change in the appearance of many precious metals marks worldwide.

Knowing how to recognize these marks, their differences, and what these marks can tell us is as important to understand as knowing the gemstones set within the mounts. Why it is important to the AGS jeweler and how they can use it to their advantage is just one of the goals of this session.


Spectacular Spectrums
Presenter: Eric Fritz, Manager, North America, Gem-A

The hand-held spectroscope can be challenging to master. The spectroscope can be very diagnostic if used properly. Practice makes perfect and in this session, you will! You will look at some of the major stones that give a diagnostic spectrum and learn simple procedures to help with the skills of a spectroscope. Advanced equipment and how labs use spectroscopy when stones are tested will also be discussed.


Understanding Watches
Presenter: Martial Petit, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach, Luxury Selling Consulting Services

Every year, the watch consumer becomes more and more savvy. Watch websites, combined with blogs and forums, allow anyone to collect tons of information about the watch industry. In order for a sales professional to carry a one-on-one interaction with such consumer and be credible in their presentation, a deeper understanding of the watch industry is necessary.

This session will provide tools on how to educate your sales force to the basic knowledge of watches, going from history to technology in its diversity.



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