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Sustaining Firm Member Spotlight: TracTech Systems

Tuesday, November 14, 2017  
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TracTech LogoTracTech Systems was born out of necessity in 2003. The CEO of TracTech, Keven Peck, who for the past 30+ years has owned and operated jewelry manufacturer, Color Merchants Inc., had a large team of sales people on the road and was having a tremendous amount of difficulty taking inventory of all their lines throughout the year.

Keven was coming up with discrepancies and misplaced items left and right, until he and his partner, Meir, began researching RFID and developed the system to be used internally. Once they saw how well it was working for Color Merchants, they realized that there could be other companies in the industry that needed this technology to improve on their day-to-day processes.

The American Gem Society had the opportunity to speak with Jordan Peck, vice president of sales at TracTech Systems, about their business and the value they receive from being an AGS Sustaining Firm member.


Tell us how being a member of the American Gem Society has helped TracTech Systems.

Jordan Peck at Conclave
Jordan Peck at Conclave in Washington, D.C.

Being a member of the AGS has given us the ability to network with and get our products in front of some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry. As a tech company in the jewelry world, it’s not always easy to find companies that are willing to explore new technology and grow with the times.

However, the AGS does a tremendous job of gathering those innovative people in one room. The membership is comprised of people who are eager to learn about improving their businesses and adopting new techniques or technologies to push their company forward. We’ve even wound up taking a lot of the ideas or suggestions we’ve heard from members and implementing them into our system.


Do you have any advice for new members?

Embrace the learning culture and utilize the resources they give you to your advantage. When I first joined the AGS, I envisioned it as any other buying group. But once I started to work with the members and staff, I quickly realized that it wasn’t just a lab or another buying group. It was a group of industry leaders who although compete at times for business, they all have the same end goal in mind and that’s improving the overall direction of the jewelry industry.


What are you doing to leverage your AGS membership in your sales and marketing presentations?

We don’t do a ton of marketing but any e-blast we send out displays the AGS logo front and center. We also look forward to wearing the pins on our badges at shows. It adds a certain prestige to the company. Just mentioning that we’re an AGS member let’s people know that we provide a top of the line product, and in my experience, adds a level of confidence to their side of the table.


How do you help your clients implement your product?

TracTech Tag
TracTech Tag

When implementing any new technology, there are always going to be questions or concerns to overcome. We minimize that learning curve as much as possible from the beginning to make the transition to TracTech a smooth and simple process.

Prior to the sale, we conduct remote demonstrations of the product so they can view it live, in action, and get an understanding of what our system will do to improve their business. Once they’ve joined our family and integrate with TracTech, being able to provide them great service and support all around the world is vital to our success.

We setup video conference training sessions during which we’ll go through general best practices when using the system and even dive deeper into their specific environment/setup to maximize the systems success. We also provide clients with a series of TracTech University Training Videos that they can use to their advantage at any time.


Does TracTech have any news to share?

VM Dashboard

The Vault Monitor System

An exciting product that we’ve released is The Vault Monitor System. It gives our clients the ability to know what’s in or out of their vaults in real time. With its easy-to-use interface, administrators can easily monitor items that were removed or added to the vault by each employee. The Vault Monitor will also give detailed analytics and insight into the activity of each style on the show floor, giving you the tools to know what your most active or inactive products are.


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