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Retailer Spotlight: Adeler Jewelers

Friday, September 15, 2017  
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Adeler Jewelers LogoIn 1973, Jorge Adeler, his wife, Graciela, and their two daughters, Valentina and Wendy, came to the United States from Argentina. Inspired by his years living in and traveling through South America, Jorge developed a love for colored gemstones, and in 1975, he and his wife opened Adeler Jewelers.

Today, you’ll find three generations of the Adeler family working at their flagship store in Great Falls, Virgina. Adler Jewelers has earned a reputation throughout the years for their creative and exquisite one-of-a-kind designs showcasing unique stones, pearls, and ancient coins.

The family at Adeler Jewelers is proud to announce the launch of their wholesale collection called JORGE ADELER. This curated collection of designs is featured in Bergdorf Goodman’s men’s store and also select Saks Fifth Avenue locations, along with boutiques around the country.

The American Gem Society (AGS) had the opportunity to ask Jorge Adeler about his experiences as an AGS member and how he leverages his membership to help Adeler Jewelers stand out above the rest.


Inside of Adeler Jewelers
Warm and inviting, Adeler Jewelers.

How has being a member of the AGS helped you and your business?

In the fine jewelry business, reputation, credibility, quality, and service are fundamental to the success of the enterprise. As a member of such a highly respected association that holds its members to the highest of these standards, you are able to immediately establish a level of trust and professionalism with your clients.


What best practices do you utilize at Adeler Jewelers and what inspired you to implement them?

Don’t sell. Simply provide honest information in an environment of professionalism and no pressure and you will not have to sell your jewelry--they will want to BUY it.


Do you leverage your AGS membership in your marketing and sales presentations?

Absolutely! It’s a badge of honor. I use it in all of my advertising and on my website, as well as in my conversations with customers. I find it to be very, very useful.

pearl ring by Adeler Jewelers
Pearl & Diamond Ring

When I speak to my clients, I always find an opportunity to introduce the fact that we are AGS members.  I find that it is useful in helping clients understand why we are a different store than the mainstream shops that they may be accustomed to.

We pride ourselves on providing an incredible amount of knowledge and service, framed within an environment of ethics and respect that always puts the client in a position of making the best and most informed decision. When they can look up what AGS membership entails, this validates what we tell them about our credentials.


Tell us how you go about creating a compelling in-store experience for new customers and your existing customers.

True jewelry captures a memory; it is a time capsule that commemorates the most important moments of our lives. For that reason, it must be made to last and endure for as long as the wearer wants to cherish and celebrate that moment.

There are pieces of fashion jewelry that are used for ornamental reasons and those can be more time limited. With this in mind, I can explain to my clients how the cost and effort that goes into making these heirloom pieces is directly related to the joy and satisfaction they are going to experience from having them for this and future generations.

Black & Gold Necklace
Black & Gold Necklace


We all love a good story! Do you use storytelling in your marketing or sales presentation?

This is one of the most compelling elements of my design consultation. Since I have been on every continent visiting mines, pearl farms or gold manufacturers, the story of the origins of the products help a great deal to explain the difficulties and challenges involved in bringing that gem or pearl to the clients hands. It helps to understand that journey.


What advice do you have for new members of the AGS?

Because it is such an honor to be counted among this amazing group of professionals, leverage your membership. Mention your AGS affiliation in your advertising, on your website and anywhere else that provides you with the opportunity. Also, support fellow AGS members in any way that you can because they also share your principals and ethics and should provide the same service and professionalism that they receive from you.


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