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Member Spotlight: Harry Kotlar

Thursday, July 27, 2017  
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Edwardian The Kotlar CushionHarry Kotlar produces some of the most sought-after designs and jewels in the world and we often see their most breathtaking designs on the red carpet. For six decades, they have kept the legacy alive by honoring their rich heritage and drive for perfection, yet they are always looking towards the future by introducing innovative designs and services.

In 1947, the Kotlar family emigrated to the United States. Harry went to Los Angeles to work for a family-owned clothing factory. The owner recognized Harry's terrific people skills and quickly made him manager, and then asked Harry to become his business partner. But Harry had his own dreams.

The legacy began in 1948 when Harry sold small diamonds in Los Angeles for his brother-in-law, whose diamond cutting factory was based in Israel. Harry's charisma won over the manufacturers and dealers, which in turn, built their confidence and demand for larger diamonds. By 1957, business began to prosper.

As the business flourished, Harry Kotlar started to secure his legacy of creating luxury with incomparable service and attention to detail. In 1987, Harry's grandson, David Wiener, joined the company, eventually becoming the third-generation to lead Harry Kotlar & Co. David has designed some of Kotlar's flagship pieces and continues to keep the Kotlar legacy secure.

Today, Kotlar & Co. stay true to old-world artistry while implementing innovative ideas. Such innovation includes the Kotlar Cushion® , worthy of the title, "The world's most brilliant cushion-cut diamond." They have also introduced a host of services such as Concierge, Passport, and Kotlar Luxury Experience, which uphold Harry Kotlar's philosophy for personalized luxury. 

Each piece of fine jewelry crafted by Harry Kotlar instill the passion, artistry, and historical prestige that the company was built on.  But we'll let the jewelry speak for itself!

Arabesque ring
Arabesque Ring
The Vault Earring
The Vault Earring
Harry Kotlar
Artisan Pavé Bloom Necklace
Helen Bracelet
Helen Bracelet
Helen Necklace Harry Kotlar
The Vault Earring


If you love one of the pieces pictured above or want to see more designs by Harry Kotlar, contact a credentialed AGS jeweler near you and they'll be happy to assist you!



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