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Sharing the Rough Goes to Harvard

Thursday, October 20, 2016   (0 Comments)
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By Monica Stephenson

Lecture Hall Geological Lecture Hall

The Harvard Museum of Natural History The Harvard Museum of Natural History


On a perfect October day, Sharing the Rough went to Harvard. The Harvard Museums of Science and Culture welcomed the film and followers at the Geological Lecture Hall on campus. The event drew a crowd that filled the theater to watch the film and participate in a discussion afterward with Orin Mazzoni, the Director of Sharing the Rough; Monica Stephenson, founder of; and Judd Rottenberg of Long’s Jewelers.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History houses an impressive collection of mineral and gem specimens, so it is particularly fitting that a film about the journey of gems took place here. The audience really connected with the story unfolding on the big screen about the passion and determination that it takes to find, mine, facet and finally create a piece of jewelry around a spectacular gem.

A lively discussion followed, with audience members fielding questions about the film, responsible purchasing, and education efforts in the mining communities. The message of color, and colored gemstones particularly, clearly resonated with people.

Most of the audience, even those from the jewelry industry, were surprised—and moved—by the supreme effort of extracting even a single gem. Many people said they would never look at a gemstone quite the same way again!

Discussion panel from left to right: Racquel Alonzo-Perez, Orin Mazzoni, Monica Stephenson, and
Judd Rottenberg, CG.
group photo
Thanks to the following, from left to right: Diana Xochitl Munn, Munya Avigail Upin, Monica Stephenson, Kirsten Ball, June Stahl, Orin Mazzoni, Lesli Thom, Jane Pickering, Racquel Alonzo-Perez, Judd Rottenberg.




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