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Retailer Spotlight: Victoria Jewelers

Tuesday, November 29, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Victoria Jewelers logoFrank Walters opened Victoria Jewelers in 1987 at the young age of 23, and over the years, the most valuable inventory Frank has acquired is his customers' trust. With honesty and integrity, he has gained their confidence and respect. Word of mouth and great customer reviews online has helped Victoria Jewelers keep their advertising to a minimum. Being a small, high-end and family-owned store, they always go the extra mile to make sure each customer receives the highest-quality product and service. These values have made Victoria Jewelers "Central Florida's Premier Custom Jeweler."

Brian Hunt, CG, who partakes in sales, design, and appraising for Victoria Jewelers, gave us a little more information about creating the "Victoria Jewelers Experience."

Staff at Victoria Jewelers

How do you add value for your customers?

From the moment a customer walks in our doors, the "Victoria Jewelers Experience" begins. Listening to each customer and showing them all the options to fit their needs along with educating them with the latest materials and procedures. Taking the time to show them our custom work and helping them make their dream ring or vision become a reality.

What are your specialties?

Custom design has always been, and continues to be, our specialty. Customers hear about us from friends, family and tons of great online reviews. They know they can bring in their ideas and we can help them make the best quality piece possible without the sales pressure.

Frank Walters recalls a very special family heirloom a customer had brought to several jewelers, but they all told her to scrap the mounting and reset the stones. She found us online and brought it here. The mounting was terribly worn and missing a trillion cut blue sapphire. We were able to have our cutter cut a trillion to match her stone, rebuild the intricate details and make it as close to original as possible. Once she saw the finished piece, she cried for over five minutes. It was very emotional for everyone and something we will never forget.

Inside Victoria Jewelers

What is Victoria Jewelers' proudest achievement?

Having our customers tell their family and friends about our custom work and service we work so hard to give every day along with great online reviews.

How has being an AGS member helped you and what advice do you have for our new members?

Our AGS membership shows our customers the values we strive for: consumer protection, ethics, quality products and impeccable customer service. Our advice to new members is to tell every customer that walks in the door that you belong to the American Gem Society, and let them know how your membership benefits them.



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