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Real is Rare—Engaging Millennials Through Storytelling

Tuesday, November 29, 2016   (0 Comments)
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By The Diamond Producers Association

The Diamond Producers Association’s (DPA) "Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond." campaign is the first new category marketing platform for diamonds in a decade. It explores the difference between being connected and having a connection. People are 'connected' online all day, but the ability to find someone special and have a genuine emotional, physical and spiritual connection with them feels rarer than ever before. The moments when couples realize 'this is it' are as precious and individual as a diamond itself.

RunawaysThe campaign's first two stories present couples looking back at the moments when they realize they had emotionally committed to each other. "Runaways" and "Wild and Kind" strike a chord and draw the viewer in because they present a fresh take on modern relationships—expanding the notion of what constitutes a diamond-worthy moment.  

As the retail industry moves into high gear for the holidays, the DPA is now expanding this storytelling strategy with new, real-life accounts of couples' experiences that demonstrate the variety of modern day relationships, inclusive of the traditional and the less traditional, but above all celebrating the rarity of real love, each example precious and unique like a diamond.

Below are two short documentary-style films that are now appearing across social media and add a new dimension the campaign:

Why Real is Rare
Why Real is Rare with Nick CannonA docu-short featuring multi-talented actor/director star Nick Cannon who interviews six real Millennial couples about finding love and knowing when it is the 'real deal.'

Us the Duo
A short film from Internet sensation “Us the Duo,” a husband and wife band who for the first time share the back story on how two artists fell in love and got married—including a moving diamond moment that has captivated their fans and everyone else. 

We encourage you to post these videos on your own social media to help build reach and engagement for the campaign.

Click to view our campaign communication kit. Register on the DPA’s Trade Portal on, the go-to resource for all the information and facts you need to take advantage of the campaign. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



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