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Harry Kotlar Elevates Retail Experience

Thursday, December 8, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Brand establishes its first boutique at the new Shreve & Co. in San Francisco


Los Angeles, CA, December 5, 2016—Shreve & Co. StoreEsteemed diamond and jewelry house Harry Kotlar will unveil its first boutique in the United States. It will join a spellbinding array of luxury watch and jewelry brands at the new Shreve & Co. flagship store in San Francisco.

"We are excited to be a part of the new Shreve & Co. store,” says Czarah Cabrera, brand director for Harry Kotlar. “This is a momentous occasion in Harry Kotlar and Shreve’s longstanding relationship.”

Not just a collection, but a story
While Harry Kotlar’s fine jewelry pieces are already available in select retailers, the space provided a unique opportunity to elevate the Harry Kotlar experience. The boutique does not just present merchandise; it articulates the brand's story. “It will feature carefully curated showcases that represent the different facets of Harry Kotlar's history,” says Czarah. “Including our founder's passion and attention to detail, and the impeccable craftsmanship of our Italian master artisans.”

Kotlar 1948The boutique will house an expanded collection of Harry Kotlar’s hallmark design, the Artisan Pavé, and its proprietary cut, the Kotlar Cushion®. Rare diamonds and jewels from the Kotlar Vault collection and the more contemporary Kotlar 1948 will also be seen.

The result is a stunning display of artistry, history and quality that spans almost seven decades. “I believe heritage, innovation, and quality are still the defining traits of ultimate luxury for the most discerning consumers,” says Czarah. “Thus, Harry Kotlar will never depart from real, authentic artisan tools and time-honored jewelry manufacturing methods of hand-forging, hand-carving, and hand-finishing pieces. We’re devoted to continuing our founder’s legacy, enabling our master artisans to express their creativity, and growing a culture that inspires perfection and excellence.”

Harry Kotlar’s vision, legacy, and core values are aligned with those of Shreve & Co. The new store will enable Harry Kotlar to engage with a more complex consumer landscape while building lasting relationships and embracing the future of the diamond jewelry market.

The grand opening of the new Shreve & Co. flagship store will be on December 14. The reimagined store is located at 150 Post Street, San Francisco, CA.


About Harry Kotlar
Harry Kotlar is recognized as the premier source for the highest quality diamonds, its hallmark design – Artisan Pavé and “the world’s most brilliant Cushion Cut diamond” – Kotlar Cushion. Spanning almost seven decades of beauty, art and perfection, Harry Kotlar’s designs evoke old-world artistry with modern sophistication, creating stunning diamond rings, bands, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that celebrate an individual's’ story eternally.

For more information on the craftsmanship and heritage of Harry Kotlar, visit or email

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