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Retailer Spotlight: Addessi Jewelers

Thursday, January 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
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For nearly 70 years, the Addessi family proudly continues the family tradition that began in 1948 by Addessi brothers, John and Rick. Addessi Jewelers is dedicated to servicing and providing their clients with the finest jewels, a special gift, or a cherished restoration that can reflect on generations to come.

Wayne Addessi now heads the business his father, Rick, helped to build. Their support group includes two American Gem Society Registered Jewelers (RJ), which means you are working with individuals who truly understand jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones.

Continue reading as Wayne Addessi tells us more about Addessi Jewelers!

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We’d like to hear more about your family’s history.

Over 100 years ago, our grandfather, Allesandro Addessi, emigrated from Fondi, Italy, and settled in Danbury, CT—the "Hatter's Capital" of the United States. Allesandro worked as a hatter and soon asked his sweetheart, Gilda, to join him. They were soon married and had three sons.

When Allesandro suddenly died at 52, the eldest of his three sons, John, had to support the family. He began as an apprentice for a fine jewelry store in Danbury, CT. With a fierce entrepreneurial streak, he opened Addessi Jewelers in Danbury in 1948. In just a short time, he became successful and needed more support. Rick, my father, joined him.

In 1966 the Addessi brothers decided they wanted to grow and chose Ridgefield, CT as their next destination. They drove to Ridgefield one Sunday to check out a potential location in this quaint town. In their 1963 Ford, they parked across the street from where we are currently located on Main Street. They watched the block for the entire day, noticing how many newspapers and goods were being purchased at Squash's (an office supply store). The space right next door was available, so they decided to secure it on the spot.

You design your own advertising for the store. What is the inspiration behind some of your ads?

My inspiration is the beauty that abounds in our industry. Magnificent gems and beautiful clients. I enjoy learning and have been self-taught in marketing. I have a good eye for jewels and I can create pretty nice ads and marketing messages. My team helps with their input, as well. (Click on the images for a larger view.)

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How has being a member of the American Gem Society helped you and your business, and what advice do offer to new members of the Society?

Continuing knowledge of every aspect of our industry towards gems, technology, and news are crucial components to my success. The American Gem Society is a great source of all this information!

My advice for new members? Stay informed. Learn as much as you can. Focus on gems, jewelry, and create strong partnerships with key trusted suppliers. Learn as much as possible regarding digital media and technology. Bring your marketing home to a regional or local web developer and then reach out to larger firms to handle some of your digital work.

What tips do you have for the future generation of jewelers?

Focus on your niche more than ever before. Focus on your client—and like us—if it covers more than one segment of the population, that's a good target! Remember anniversaries. Couples celebrate an anniversary every year, which gives you the opportunity once a year to help them celebrate. We build relationships: ours with our clients and the clients with each other.



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