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Resources to Reduce the Chance of an Employment Lawsuit

Thursday, January 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
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By David Sexton, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Did you know that a normal business owner’s insurance policy may not cover the liability of an employment lawsuit? If you also believe that employment practices are covered under an umbrella policy, you might be in for a rude awakening.

While the damages from discrimination lawsuits or work-related harassment cases often exceed typical underlying coverage limits, you’ll still need a specialized insurance coverage to protect your business called employment practices liability insurance, commonly referred to as EPL.

In addition to providing solid protection with an EPL policy, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company provides customers with on-demand resources that can help reduce the chance of an employment lawsuit and its undesirable consequences.

Let’s take a look at two valuable assets you could be using at your business:

Education and training website is an all-in-one learning center for everything related to employment practices.

It’s a great resource for time-strapped owners and managers of businesses both large and small who need human resource and legal assistance.

For instance; hiring, firing, and every employee-relation activity in between can seem to be a nuisance for entrepreneurial-minded managers who also handle sales, marketing, operations, and finance. Unfortunately, while the impact of employee-relation activities may not be immediate like other business functions, they could result in a large lawsuit later on.

After visiting, you’ll be able to access model forms, policies, and employee handbooks that can aid in the development of your own businesses policies.

Consultation hotline

We live in a high-speed, instantaneous world where information is expected at the sound of snapping fingers.

Should you scramble to find a qualified lawyer when you can’t find an answer to an employment question? Is it too risky to go with your gut?

Instead of weighing the pros and cons of these additional questions and many others, you could call an employment-practices consultation hotline that can connect you with an attorney at Jackson Lewis, LLP. The experts there can discuss any concerns you may have and give a qualified opinion on what next steps you should take.


Tapping into the knowledge of an expert for free is a rare opportunity in this day and age – especially for legal advice. That’s why using these resource to help prevent an expensive mistake could well be worth the cost of an EPL policy.

Learn more about how an EPL policy could benefit your jewelry business by contacting a Jewelers Mutual agent.



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