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Supplier Spotlight: Ed Levin Jewelry

Wednesday, February 22, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Ed Levin Jewelry LogoEd Levin started Ed Levin Jewelry in 1950 with the intent to incorporate his fine art skills into creating miniature sculptures. Mr. Levin’s vision has been to “Create a sense of wonder while expressing something significant.” From the heart of the historic Victorian village of Cambridge, NY, Ed Levin Jewelry’s master jewelers use age-old, handcrafted techniques and only the finest metals and stones, to consistently carry out that vision through three-dimensional wearable works of art.

President, CEO, and owner of Ed Levin Jewelry, Peter Tonjes, has designed and crafted jewelry for over 45 years and has been with Ed Levin for 32 years. In 2012, he purchased the business. Spectra Update asked Peter a few more questions about Ed Levin Jewelry and their membership with the American Gem Society.

Ed Levin Jewelry’s designs are wearable modern art and quite innovative. Where does this inspiration come from?

Ed was always driven to invent and he did hold a number of patents. Ed’s creativeness developed from studying fine art and working in the crafts of ceramics, textile, and metal. My philosophy and aesthetes are similar to what Ed’s were and we both shared a great sense of wonder.

Elliptical Elegance Earrings

Elliptical Elegance EarringsWhat can you tell us about the people who wear Ed Levin Jewelry?

In the nearly 70 years of creating jewelry, I can say that those who wear and appreciate Ed Levin Jewelry are all ages and backgrounds, whether they be CEO’s, teachers, production workers, etc. Our jewelry has always been cherished and passed down to the next generation.


Echo Pendant

Echo Pendant

Are there any new collections or designs you plan to reveal soon?

We introduce three new design collections a year. We do this because we can’t stop creating and we understand that our new designs provide the collector of Ed Levin Jewelry a new inspiration.

 Flame EarringsFlame Earrings

What advice do you have for new members of the American Gem Society?

Go to Conclave! Attending Conclave has been wonderful. The networking and the educational programs are the best!



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