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Holojem™ Platform Transforms Retail Experience

Tuesday, May 2, 2017  
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New Augmented Reality Technology Now Available To Retail Jewelers

 NEENAH, WI. May 3, 2017 – The Holojem™  platform—a JCK premiere release—is a highly innovative new technology designed to enrich and enhance the retail experience, now available to jewelry retailers. This technology uses a holographic rendering and interactive platform to create a 3D augmented reality experience for the customer. 

“The Holojem platform was developed as a cutting-edge solution to attract shoppers who crave innovation, creativity and desire to co-create,” said Mark Devereaux, Vice President of Sales at Jewelers Mutual. “Delivering a jewelry shopping experience that modernizes the way consumers purchase is critical to building the industry’s success for the future.”

After winning the coveted 2016 JCK Think Tank award for best emerging technology, Jewelers Mutual Group is bringing the platform back to JCK this year, and is ready to make it available to retail jewelers. “How do retailers attract millennial customers? Always be helping, not closing. This may not be new advice, but it’s becoming essential as younger shoppers, new technology and the desire to spend on high-end experiences reshape the jewelry industry. This is perfect for jewelers who want a truly immersive shopping experience for their customers,” Devereaux pointed out.

The augmented reality platform is a self-contained unit used to display, educate and share custom designs through its proprietary rendering system. It allows customers to interact with three-dimensional images. Its highlights include:

  • 4Cs Education Module - Exact visual representations of diamonds are magnified 300 times to illuminate their cut, color, clarity and carat. Customers are able to compare in real time using the interactive display.
  • Interactive Create and Share - Customers can view designs they create with jewelers anywhere from their mobile device, and share socially with friends using a portable mobile pyramid.
  • Cloud Storage – All custom jewelry designs are securely stored in a proprietary cloud storage platform and can be shared over the internet or viewed again when the customer returns to the jewelry store.

Changing the way jewelers market and sell jewelry
“The Holojem platform was created to allow jewelers to have more engaging interactions with their customers, and possibly prevent them from carrying excess inventory of raw materials. With the platform, a jeweler can make sure the co-created design matches what a customer had in mind before committing to the production of the piece,” Devereaux explained.

According to Devereaux, sophisticated jewelers are looking towards the future and exploring ways to leverage technology to overcome these obstacles. “For those who dream of solutions, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the interactive design platform in action at JCK. We’re excited to be able to share it with the industry,” said Devereaux.

Click here to watch the video or to request more information.

Contact a specialist at 844-208-4211 if you have questions about the Holojem platform. 



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