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Create Better Customer Experiences with the Holojem™ Platform

Thursday, May 18, 2017  
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By Ben DeBoer, Director of Corporate Innovation, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

Holojem platform

Innovative products aren’t the only thing shoppers today are looking for. They also want to participate in unique experiences that add to the satisfaction of what they spend their money on.

This is especially true for young shoppers who crave the ability to co-create and be part of the process. Now you have the opportunity to capitalize on the desires of consumers by using a revolutionary augmented reality platform to deliver an imaginative experience.

They want to be able to see what they imagine. Emerging technologies and enhanced jewelry design software creations are making immersive customer experiences possible for a wider array of jewelers.

Here’s how your business can provide exceptional experiences—all from the capabilities of one revolutionary platform:

Connect Your Jewelry Design Software to a Holographic Projector

Showing your customers designs on a two-dimensional screen will never be the same after they are able to view the designs as three-dimensional creations.

This all begins by using the Holojem platform—an interactive kiosk that allows your customers to view, alter and create jewelry using augmented reality.  The platform’s interface also provides diamond details and an array of customizable options that can be viewed in real time as your customers engage in their creation.

This set-up extends beyond the 3-D interface. The Holojem platform educates and informs consumers about their soon-to-be jewelry purchase and essentially acts as a virtual sales and marketing expert.

Create a Digital Library of Inventory for Real-Time Displays

Not every jewelry design software will show specific diamonds set in custom creations. Or be able to crisply show where inclusions are. Or how the color and clarity truly come through.

The Holojem platform’s patented cloud storage and display solution allow jewelers and their customers to magnify specific diamonds with unrivaled image quality—300x its actual size. Since the storage is cloud-based, you can store and retrieve files from your jewelry design software that have been connected with the platform, anywhere and at any time. Besides designs, you can also reference loose stones, bands and other items you have in stock from your jewelry inventory software.

This makes sharing and collaborating with customers easier, and as you’ll learn, sharing is something that they value quite highly.

Let Customers Share Their Creations

A static image doesn’t do much justice when it comes to social sharing – especially after someone has viewed the creation in 3D through the Holojem platform. Wouldn’t it be better if your customers could share a similar 3D experience with their friends and family?

Thankfully, the interactive design platform makes it a reality for your brand to become part of a more personalized relationship. Customers can send themselves files from the jewelry design software to their phone or tablet and project a three-dimensional display by using a special video projection and a plastic pyramid.


Different customers seek different experiences, but the mesmerizing reality of the Holojem platform is hard to deny. As jewelry consumers come to expect more unique and deeply connected shopping experiences, the Holojem platform positions jewelers well to surprise and delight their customers, exceed their expectations and build loyalty that positions their business for success now and into the future. 


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