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Exploring the Eight Features of Only My Diamond®

Tuesday, June 20, 2017  
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When you include a diamond grading report with a diamond sale, it not only gives you peace of mind as the seller but also boosts the buying confidence of your customer.

How could you take that sale to the next level? Include Only My Diamond® with your AGS Laboratories’ diamond grading report.

Only My Diamond® provides an enhancement to AGS Laboratories’ world-renowned Diamond Quality® Report (DQD) by offering supplemental diamond quality information. It includes eight, user-friendly features that easily explain the characteristics of the exact diamond graded.

#1 - Diamond Grading Report

The report is just what it says it is: a report that grades the various qualities of diamonds. It can be viewed online through Only My Diamond® or the customer can access the full, traditional report through a downloadable PDF.

Diamond Grading Report

#2 – Video

This is actual video AGS Laboratories has taken of the diamond. It’s the real deal and not a simulation. Here’s where the interactive part comes in. If you click and drag the diamond’s image—whether you’re using a mouse or your fingertip—you can control its rotation. We just love watching it spin and sparkle!

Only My Diamond video of diamond

The video feature is a brilliant (pun intended) way for your customer to show off their stunning diamond to friends and family.

#3 – The ASET® Image

A scientific yet simple method to assess the diamond’s light performance through precise color coding. Only My Diamond® provides a large image of the ASET along with a key explaining what the colors mean.

Only My Diamond ASET image

If you don’t have a Presentation ASET of your own, it’s a captivating and effective device to show your customer their diamond in a whole new light.

#4 – Optical Precision Map

This is a computer generated image of the diamond that illustrates the symmetrical patterns created by its cut. The patterns demonstrate the precision of the diamond's faceting and the degree of optical symmetry. That’s Lab nerd talk for a map that illustrates the facet alignments.

Only My Diamond Optical Precision Map

#5 – Clarity Plot

Now we’re getting personal…with the diamond, that is! By using proprietary software, AGS Laboratories’ grading team can plot and draw the exact shape of the internal characteristics—like natural inclusions—that make the diamond unique. The page includes a legend which explains the symbols on the plot.

Only My Diamond Clarity Plot

#6 – Light Performance

Brightness, fire, and contrast: the three attributes that are most important to the beauty of a diamond. AGS Laboratories' scientific and repeatable methodology uses patented ray-tracing technology to assess these attributes, displaying them in an easy to understand scale from AGS Poor to AGS Ideal®.

Only My Diamond Light Performance

#7 – Laser Inscription

Since the laser inscription cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the average customer doesn’t own a 10x loupe, we’ve included an image of their diamond’s unique laser inscription.

Using a microlaser beam, the AGS Laboratories can inscribe diamond report serial numbers, company logos, and text messages on the girdle of a diamond. It’s another great service to offer your customer when security is top of mind.

Only My Diamond Laser Inscription

#8 – The 4Cs

The 4Cs are second nature to us but for the customer, remembering them is like memorizing a foreign language. Included with Only My Diamond® are quick and easy definitions, accompanied by visuals, to clearly explain the individual Cs of diamond quality.

Only My Diamond 4Cs

We hope this breakdown of Only My Diamond’s® eight features gives you a little more insight and understanding of how this enhancement to the diamond grading report could help you sell more diamonds.

What else could we tell you about Only My Diamond®? It’s mobile friendly, allowing it to be viewed from any device. Plus, it gives your valued customer the ability to share their diamond’s story with friends and family, anytime and anywhere.

If you have questions or would like to include Only My Diamond® with your next AGS Laboratories diamond grading report, contact your Lab at 877.367.0288 or email



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