Conclave 2020  •  April 27-29, 2020


The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)    

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is the generally recognized ethical and performance standards for the appraisal profession in the United States. USPAP was adopted by Congress in 1989, and contains standards for all types of appraisal services. Compliance is required for state-licensed and state-certified appraisers involved in federally-related real estate transactions, and now, personal property as well. USPAP is updated every two years so that appraisers have the information they need to deliver unbiased and thoughtful opinions of value.

15-Hour National USPAP Course

To become a real property appraiser in the United States, appraisers must take the 15-Hour National USPAP Course (or its equivalent). The Personal Property version it is being offered before Conclave, April 25-26, 2020, hosted by David Rotenberg, ECGA, and taught by Mona Miller, ICGA.

Open to both AGS members and non-members, this course is a must-attend because:

  • USPAP compliance is required for any IRS appraisal report over $20,000
  • It will expand your appraisal report writing knowledge
  • You will learn consistency in appraisal reports
  • You will learn about Type of Values & Research techniques
  • USPAP appraisal reports are more credible and accepted over non-USPAP appraisal reports
  • It will enable you to acquire more advanced assignments = More revenue to you!


Price is $400 for the 15-Hour National USPAP course.

7-Hour National USPAP Update Course

We will also be offering a 7-hour update course on Friday, April 24th. This 7-hour update course, copyrighted by The Appraisal Foundation, focuses on recent changes to USPAP requirements for ethical behavior and competent performance by appraisers. The course, which clarifies several commonly misunderstood aspects of USPAP, will aid participants in all areas of appraisal practice seeking updated competency in USPAP, including those subject to state licensing or certification and continuing education requirements imposed by professional organizations, client groups, or employers.

NOTE. Appraisers must successfully complete the 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course every 2 years to meet the USPAP continuing education requirement.

Present and explain the new revisions to USPAP adopted in 2017 and effective from January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2019.

Present the current changes to USPAP in a variety of scenarios for class discussion.

Present scenarios that challenge participants to interpret and apply USPAP to situations they encounter in their daily practice.

15-Hour National USPAP Course.

Price is $295 for the of the 7-hour Update Course course.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, a minimum number of students is required for each course, so be sure to book refundable travel. AGS is not responsible for travel arrangements or any costs incurred as a result of class cancellation due to minimum class sizes. If the course is cancelled, your course fee will be refunded 100%.

The AGS will contact you by March 1, 2020 once the class minimum size is met or will notify you of class cancellation.

In the event that you are unable to make the USPAP course, all cancellations prior to March 30, 2020 will be refundable, but will be subject to a $75.00 cancellation fee. All cancellations on or after March 30, 2020 will be non-refundable.

For more information on the course in April, please contact David Rotenberg, Emeritus CGA, at or 215.968.8900.