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No pressure! Imagine an industry event where you get to focus on you. That's Conclave. With over 90 classes each year, there's always something for you to enjoy and learn...without the pressure of buying or selling, like you have at shows. Just relax and enjoy the inspirational and motivational environment.


Build relationships. We're talking about relationships that will last your entire career. Whether it's someone you sit next to in a hands-on lab class, at a keynote session, at the Young Titleholders Trivia Night, Mentor Mixer or at the Guild party, you are bound to meet someone and strike up a conversation. When members talk about Conclave, they invariably bring up the relationships they developed with other members during those magical few days. Conversations often turn into friendships with professionals who become your supplier, or a trusted advisor when you have a business dilemma.


Recharge! At the 2014 Conclave in San Diego, keynote speaker Bryan Dodge told the audience, "Bring energy home." It was a mantra for striking a work/life balance and you still hear members saying it. Or there was Patrick Leonci in 2005, giving advice on building trust with your team, or Marie Osmond at Conclave 2018, advising members to follow her five Cs: be a Champion; have Credibility; Collaborate; Check your instincts; and finally, never forget to Chuckle. Point is, our keynote speakers inspire us in ways that last for years.


Hang with the best of the best: your fellow members. Whether it is suppliers, sustaining members or retailers, go to Conclave and look around. You know what you'll see? People who share your values and commitment to professionalism.


Do the math: Three days filled with 13 networking events (all with food and beverages) and over 90 classes, led by industry experts and international speakers. Conclave is not just the best event in the industry. It's the best bargain.

Want more reasons? We are going to give them to you in every upcoming Conclave eNews or our members-only Facebook group. The Conclave Program drops in early January, but why wait—register now.

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