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Light Performance Series: AGS Ideal® Cut Grade

By Jerrica Harrold, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

As we wrap up our Light Performance Series, let’s take a quick look at the important topics we have covered:

The AGS Ideal® Cut Grade, also known as the AGS Triple Zero®, has symbolized the best of the best in diamond cut. Its superior sparkle makes it the ultimate cut grade for a diamond.

Our research has been vetted and published in scientific journals; we have 10 U.S. patents for our methods in evaluating the cut quality or grade of a faceted diamond. One of the patents specifically explains ray tracing methodology and determines how light interacts through a diamond via refraction, diffraction, and reflections. This technology helps to detect how a diamond performs under any lighting condition.

The AGS Cut Grading System utilizes the patented ray tracing technology by taking a scan of the diamond. Created by high-resolution equipment, the three-dimensional model allows the laboratory to measure how light moves throughout the facets of the diamond. Each diamond submitted to AGS Laboratories is analyzed to detect how a diamond performs under any lighting condition.

AGS Laboratories currently offers a cut grade for fancy and proprietary shapes, including the cushion, oval, and emerald. To learn more, visit the AGS Laboratories website!

Jerrica Harrold