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Sheahan StephenSheahan began Sheahan Stephen Sapphires nearly one decade ago and is one of the top experts on corundum and corundum pricing throughout the industry. His extensive practical experience from mine to retailer, interest in global economics, as well as knowledge of corundum in other regions throughout the world has given him an increased knowledge and unique understanding on corundum throughout the trade. Through his experience, he has been able to stay at the for-front of the industry and help educate others on corundum trends.

Sheahan founded his business in 2006 and started working directly with the sapphire miners in Sri Lanka. He gained in-depth knowledge and learned all facets of the sapphire business, from mining and rough purchasing to thermal treatment and cutting. He expanded his knowledge of export and distribution and moved into the gem business as a merchant. Sheahan keeps up-to-date on political, economic and cultural matters in Sri Lanka, ensuring fair trade between the miners and merchants. He travels to Sri Lanka several times a year to meet with miners at the source.


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