Pat Henneberry
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Pat Henneberry never envisioned a career in jewelry. Upon settling in Texas after growing up in the heartlands of Iowa, she became an award-winning salesperson with Artcarved in Austin, Texas.  Initially, it was all about the sale for Henneberry.  But a passion for jewelry emerged and soon people started turning to her for advice. 

Now, after 30 years in the business, Henneberry is one of the top trainers in the diamond world and has teamed up with leading experts to help build multiple brands in the jewelry industry.

Her successes traveling the world as a salesperson, trainer and business owner have led to some of the most powerful educational materials and tools used today. These include the Diamond Characteristic Chart and the Diamond Pyramid of Rarity and The, to name a few.

Her dynamic personality and an emphasis on customer service naturally complement her role as a leader in the field.

For over 30 years, Henneberry has been a teacher, coach and advisor, helping to build strong brands for retailers and manufacturers in the luxury jewelry world. She spent ten of those years with DeBeers Consolidated Diamond Mines on the Diamond Promotion Service US team, where she helped launched new brands, worked on national ad campaigns like "A Diamond is Forever,” and helped retail jewelers build their diamond business.

Pat is now the VP of Global Learning and Development at Hearts On Fire. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and industry connections to the role and is responsible for the strategic direction, operation and expansion of all retail sales coaching, training and development for the brand. 


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