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Stay Connected With the AGS Young Titleholders


Young Titleholders Steering Committee Directory

Denise Chislett, President:  dchislett@underwoodjewelers.com
Marc Nanasi, Vice President: marcn@neigroup.com
Alexis Padis, Secretary: alexis@padisjewelry.com
Richard Beckett, Program Director: rickbeckett@me.com
Lisa Bridge, Past President: LBridge@BenBridge.com
Alethea Inns, AGS Liaison: ainns@ags.org 
Josh Israileff, Event Director: joshua.israileff@gmail.com
Maria Person, Member at Large: mariap@exclusivelydiamonds.com
Lauren Ruggeroli, AGS Liaison: lruggeroli@ags.org
Sarah Nanasi Russell, Communications Director: sarah@neigroup.com 
Anna Samsonova, Past President: asamsonova@BenBridge.com
Meredith Schlessinger, Member and Mentorship Coordinator: mschlessinger@bfbrogan.com
Byron Strickland, Affiliate Director: strickland006@gmail.com