When Buying a Diamond, ask for an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report

Hearts On Fire Engagement RingsShopping for a diamond or diamond jewelry is a big investment. Like most people, you have a budget to consider yet desire to get the very best your money can buy.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t purchase a car—or a home, for that matter—without knowing anything about it. That same sensibility should be applied when buying a diamond. That is why you should ask for a diamond grading report. And not just any report but an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report.

AGS Laboratories is a nonprofit diamond grading laboratory created with a mission of consumer protection. They are well known in the industry for their stricter standards of diamond grading, and for reports that offer consistency and accuracy based on science.

If you’ve ever looked at a standard diamond grading report, they can be confusing with the various letter and number combinations. But an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report offers a simple, straightforward, and intuitive 0-10 scale, which provides all the information you need to be comfortable with your purchase. Your diamond grading report also features security measures to ensure authenticity.

Plus, when you shop with an AGS credentialed jeweler, they will explain your desired diamond’s grading report, as well as point out the qualities and characteristics that make your diamond unique.

This is why your diamond grading report from AGS Laboratories is so essential. It reveals the genuine quality of your diamond’s beauty— both in and out—in an easy-to-understand format. Accept no substitutes and buy your diamond with confidence!


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