The Jewelers Education Foundation Announces Launch of Industry Education Portal

Industry Organizations Consolidate Educational Offerings on One Platform

Las Vegas, NV, June 21, 2016 – The Jewelers Education Foundation (JEF) is pleased to announce the initial rollout of the Jewelers Education Portal.  The portal, located at, is a collaborative resource for existing and prospective members of the trade to learn about and access the many educational programs offered by the jewelry, diamond, colored stones, precious metal and watch associations.  It also provides information about services available from each association, including crime prevention, legal and ethical standards, appraisals and credit reporting.   The site also includes links to Career Services and details of Upcoming Events being offered by the participating organizations.

Initial sponsoring organizations include participants from both the United States and Canada, including: the American Gem Society, American Gem Trade Association, American Watch Association, Canadian Jewellers Association, Diamond Council of America, Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association, Gemological Institute of America, Jewelers of America, Jewelers’ Security Alliance, Jewellers Vigilance  Canada, Jewelers Vigilance Committee U.S., Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, Natural Color Diamond Association,  The Jewelers Board of Trade, and the Women’s Jewelry Association.

This initiative is a result of the sponsoring organizations’ aim to help industry members take advantage of the full scope of educational curriculum, activities and resources available to better position individuals and businesses for success.  The sponsoring associations worked together under the auspices of the Jewelers Leadership Forum to provide this web portal as an added benefit for their respective members and for the industry as a whole.  

The Jewelers Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of furthering education to the jewelry industry at large.  

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