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Supported Shapes

The shape of a diamond contributes to its overall beauty. We released our research about fancy shape Cut Grade research in 1996, and not long after, developed the first ever diamond grading report to issue a fancy cut diamond grade. 

The AGS Light Performance Cut Grading System supports the following cuts:


The Round Brilliant CutRound Brilliant Cut

Round brilliants are by far the world’s most popular cut. Here are a few facts about the round brilliant cut:

  • Round brilliants have either 57 or 58 facets
  • If the diamond cutter chooses to add a culet facet (a cut on the bottom of the diamond) the stone will have 58 facets
  • Each individual tier of facets can be cut on the same angle which enhances the “optical efficiency” of the diamond


The Princess CutPrincess Cut

This square-shaped diamond cut is extremely popular because its unique cut allows the light to play within it so beautifully. Here are a few more facts about the princess cut diamond:

  • Its unique charm is created by the rows of chevron facets on the pavilion (bottom) of the diamond
  • These facets come from the corners and run to the culet, and break the light into a myriad of sparkles and reflections
  • The numbers of rows of chevron facets create different amounts and sizes of sparkles


The Oval Brilliant CutOval Brilliant Cut

This cut is less popular, but is still interesting because it can fall into a number of different lengths and widths and still be beautiful. Here are a few facts about the oval brilliant diamond:

  • There is little consensus about which oval cut is the best, which means you might find a wide variety when shopping for this cut
  • Usually has 8 crown (top) main facets and 4-8 pavilion (bottom) main facets
  • There is frequently a lot of variety in the minor facets, or the facets other than the top and bottom main facets


The Emerald CutEmerald Cut

Emerald cut (rectangle) diamonds are classically beautiful and appeals to a wide variety of people. Here are a few facts about emerald cut diamonds:

  • The traditional emerald cut has three tiers or steps of facets on the crown and three tiers or steps of facets on the pavilion, for a total of 49 facets
  • This cut is sensitive to the angular relationship between each tier or “step”
  • More than some other cuts, if an emerald cut diamond is cut incorrectly, the stone can be quite unattractive
  • Emerald cuts are fashioned with different length-to-width ratios and different corner ratios
  • Will often have 4 “steps” or tiers of facets on the crown and/or pavilion

Each cut is beautiful in its own way. AGS Laboratories is uniquely equipped to provide expert evaluation on fancy cut diamonds. It’s one more way we are committed to ensuring safe buying when you purchase beautiful diamonds and diamond jewelry.