Supplier Spotlight: Unique Settings of New York

Unique Settings of New YorkSpectra Update had the opportunity to speak with American Gem Society member, Unique Settings of New York, to learn more about their history and to find out what truly makes them unique!

As Plato once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Unique Settings of New York knows firsthand what it means to create solutions out of need. When four New Jersey retailers got together to discuss a ‘hole' in their supply chain, they left the meeting with a little more than they bargained for: starting a new company.

With frustration as fuel, the founders of Unique Settings of New York were tired of being told "No" when it came to special manufacturing requests. Caught between making a sale and the limits of their suppliers, the small group of retailers decided they had enough first-hand retail experience, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing, to try it on their own. They took that knowledge and built a business around it.

When Unique Settings of New York opened its doors in 1999, it had one guiding purpose: helping the retailer say "Yes" to special requests. As retailers themselves, the founding members knew firsthand how important custom sales were to small independents, and they knew they could provide a better custom product in less time than the average manufacturer.

With manufacturing experience in the background of a founding partner, the group pooled their resources to start this new company. Starting with only two people and a 200 sq. ft. office, Unique Settings began manufacturing custom pieces. From the beginning the company was committed to designing and manufacturing everything themselves. They refused to go outside the company for any task or piece in order to retain complete control over the quality of the product.

Describe your line of products and their features.

We are a "one-stop-shop" powerhouse for all your bridal and fashion jewelry needs. This includes, but is not limited to, rings, pendants, earrings, and Diamond by the Yard. One of the best ways to display and showcase our extensive line is with our Unique Advantage program. This is the ultimate weapon for any successful jeweler to wield; a sample/prototype option to display a plethora of styles at a fraction of the cost.

How do you provide additional value for your clients?

There are no minimums on any orders placed. Whether you want one ring or 100 rings, we will accommodate both requests; it will not delay the order either way. There are rigorous quality control "checkpoints" throughout the process for each item produced. Everything is hand-made and/or hand-finished, in-house. This allows us to inspect and insure all the merchandise makes it out of our facility on time and in the best possible quality.

What is your business philosophy and how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Our business philosophy has always been assisting our customers in being able to say "yes" to special requests. One of the ways we achieve this is that we do not stock anything. Since we are a made-to-order company, we produce everything once it's ordered. This allows us to modify and adjust accordingly. Despite not stocking items, we pride ourselves on our just-in-time delivery of goods. Within five business days, we can complete most items, even if it's complete with stones. All of this, in addition to our top-flight customer care team, is why we pride ourselves on exceeding our customer's expectations, providing best-in-class service.

To view Unique Settings of New York's New Styles Catalog, click here.

Unique Settings of New York proudly presents its highly anticipated line of custom Art Deco inspired designs. A reflection of fine art and global influences of the 1920’s and 30’s; Art Deco is uniquely marked by clean lines, geometric forms and the use of colored gemstones.

Product ENR9554

Product ENR9554


Unique Settings releases another instant classic, in its Art Deco themed masterpieces. This item is a little bit of everything. From delicate milgrain, to intricate patterns and filigree designs, there is no shortage of splendor. The center stone is exquisitely set in lavish claw prongs to provide an added flare and keep with the overall design concept.

Product ENR9567

Product ENR9567


Unique Settings is introducing a contemporary twist on a classic style: Art Deco. This 14K white gold style embodies this ideal with its elegance. It is available in various metals and colors.

Product ENR9584

Product ENR9584


This ring features a lavish "rope" motif, as well as a split shank design. The elegance and grace of this contemporary, yet classic look is unparalleled. With no additional side stones, the emphasis is solely on the center stone and overall design of the piece.

Product ENR9599

Product ENR9599

Be sure to visit Unique Settings of New York at JCK Las Vegas, booth B57017 (in the Bridal Neighborhood).

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