Supplier Spotlight: Diamond Days Inc.

Diamond Days LogoDiamond Days Inc has been an AGS Registered Supplier since March 1, 1996. Nicky Mehta, chief marketing officer and co-president of Diamond Days, gave us a peek into their history, and why they've been nicknamed the "The Melee Specialists."

Can you give us a little background on Diamond Days?

meleeMy family and I immigrated to America from India in 1972. Twenty-four years later, on January 29, 1996, Diamond Days was founded and established. We have prided ourselves as the original Indian loose diamond suppliers, and as being specialists in the manufacturing and distribution of the near ideal to ideal cut melee diamonds. Our focus has been in fulfilling a vast majority of the independent jeweler’s custom or special order jobs.

Over the years, our company has been nicknamed as "The Melee Specialists" for the service we have provided to the independent retail jeweler, as well as many of the prominent designers. A vast majority of our loose melee diamonds are directly imported from our cutters and direct relationships within the Indian diamond manufacturing community.

How as being a member of the American Gem Society helped you and your business?

Being a member of AGS has truly made me grow as an individual. The educational tools that they offer at Conclave have increased my business tremendously. Many of these tools and the networking opportunities that Conclave has to offer has been invaluable to me in growing my business.

What is your business philosophy and how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

My business philosophy is to maintain the highest degree of customer service to each retail operation. It has always been our fundamental knowledge of sourcing the best quality and manufacturing standards of the loose diamond melee that the retailers have consistently turned towards our company to satisfy a majority of their diamond requirements. Plus, we do maintain and strive that the jewelers are able to increase their profit margins.

What advice do you have to offer new members of the AGS?

The advice that I would like to pass on to any new member to this Society is: get involved in various committees, network with other industry peers and learn from veteran members on the tools that have made them successful.


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