Supplier Spotlight: ASHI Diamonds

The American Gem Society recently did an Instagram Takeover for AGS supplier, ASHI Diamonds. Like all of our Instagram Takeovers, the day of posting provided ASHI with added exposure to the Society’s followers, a group that consists of both a trade and consumer market. Here are two popular posts we featured that day:

Instagram Takeover for ASHI Diamonds

Instagram Takeover for ASHI Diamonds

"AGS's Instagram Takeover gave us a tremendous platform to launch our social media efforts," said Paras Pandya, a Director at ASHI Diamonds. "By partnering with AGS via social media, not only did we receive great feedback on our designs, the views we received were very focused on the audience we're most interested in."

How does an Instagram Takeover work? For one day—up to six times that day—the AGS will post photos (and even a brief video, if you have one) of your product on our AGS Instagram page. To see examples, visit Instagram, and type #agstakeover in the search field. For a PDF copy of our AGS Instagram Takeover Guidelines, click here to download.

If you’ve seen our recent consumer advertising campaign, ASHI Diamonds is also the member behind the ring that appeared in Vogue, Glamour, and The Knot.

"We're extremely proud that AGS used ASHI's designs in their print ads—it's truly humbling and speaks volumes to AGS's eye for amazing design!" Pandya continues, "I can't wait to more strongly partner with and support such an ethical organization that's truly interested in creating a positive impression of the industry."

Love What You See ad

If you’d like to know more about the marketing opportunities available to you as a member, contact the AGS marketing team at



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