Retailer Spotlight: Jack Lewis Jewelers

We love to see our members promoting their AGS membership and the tools available to them as a member. Here's a great example of AGS retailer, Jack Lewis Jewelers, demonstrating to their Facebook followers, the light performance image made by our Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool® (ASET).

The ASET is a valuable sales tool, giving you the ability to show your customers the unique "thumbprint" of their diamond, and a visual explanation of Cut quality. This adds transparency, trust and confidence to the buying process, and helps support our mission of consumer protection.

Jack Lewis Jewelers Facebook Post

To hear more about selling diamonds with the ASET, view this video by Jack Lewis Jewelers. To get more information about the ASET, contact Jessie Kapalungan, CG, at, or by phone at 702.255.6500 ext. 1020.



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