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Quebec Jewelry Stores

  1. Bijouterie Italienne
    192 Rue St-Zotique E
    Montreal, QC H2S 1K8
    Marco Miserendino, RJ
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  2. Birks & Mayors, Inc.
    1240 du Square-Phillips Rue
    Montreal, QC H3B 3H4
    Marco Pateris
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  3. Birks & Mayors, Inc.
    257 Boul des Promenades
    Saint-Bruno, QC J3V 5K3
    Mene Agostino
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  4. Birks & Mayors, Inc.
    3035 Boul Le Carrefour
    Unit R30
    Laval, QC H7T 1C8
    Catherine Slakmon
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  5. Birks & Mayors, Inc.
    286-2305 Rockland Ch
    Rockland Suite 230
    Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E9
    Brian Stott
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