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Phillip Bosen

Phillip Bosen is a veteran jewelry retail expert, having been involved with many different aspects of the business since 1982. Bosen started working at his family’s small jewelry store after school, at the age of twelve. This early start got him hooked!

He has worked with small, medium, and larger jewelers and has learned from the very best.

Always paying close attention and learning new and innovative ways to improve the functionality and profitability of the businesses has been a hallmark of his career. Phillip has attended and participated in a wide variety of educational seminars, leadership courses, and AGS Conclaves.

Mentoring, coaching, and teaching others has always been a passion that has extended beyond the jewelry world and into a variety of volunteer opportunities. 

Phillip is the President of the Vermont Guild of the American Gem Society and is working with the Gemological Institute of America to develop an alumni chapter in his area. 

Bosen has taken the bold step to open a consultancy specifically aimed to help retail jewelers improve profitability and quality of life. Phillip and his team are uniquely qualified to assist retail jewelers increase profit through more and larger sales, happier and better teams and better ROI from buying what your clientele wants. 

Bosen Associates offers on site analysis and recommendations to immediately improve profitability as well as remote support and training seminars and coaching.


His greatest expertise is in the areas of jewelry sales and building loyal clients, hiring and developing the right team and Client Advisory Boards.


When he isn’t helping jewelers he might be hiking with his family, visiting a new CrossFit gym, helping out at church or eating at an amazing restaurant with Heather.


Phillip lives next to his pond in a beautiful Vermont with his wife of nearly 25 years and between two and four of their five children.