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Performance Grading Software

The AGS Performance Grading Software® was developed by the AGS Cut Grade team and is the current methodology used in the AGS Laboratories. The software analyzes light performance by ray-tracing the actual diamond. The results are provided by a very sophisticated ray-tracing engine that considers every geometric reality of each individual diamond. The assessment of light performance is not a prediction garnered from generic proportion sets. The AGS Performance Grading Software® helps manufacturers make better decisions when cutting diamonds, retailers make better decisions with diamond selection, and consumers make better buying decisions.

AGS Performance Grading Software®
Features and Benefits

5 to 12 stones per minute

The processing time is many times faster than that of the web based system because:

This system will be installed on your computer and will not have to compete with the many web system users.

File transfer is not subject to the many roadblocks that exist on the Internet because the system is on your computer.

There are no Internet related programming restrictions. 

Batch Processing

Process one at a time or place many in the queue and walk away.
The standalone AGS Performance Grading Software® allows you to process one or thousands of diamonds at a time. Simply select the diamonds you wish to process and the program completes the task.


Once the diamonds have been processed, click on the Report button to access the sophisticated and helpful results page. This report automatically identifies the diamonds with your unique naming convention. The data is clear, complete, and helpful. Problem areas are highlighted and helpful tutorials are provided. You can save the report in several formats that work with today’s most commonly used spreadsheet and text based programs. 


Help is only a click, e-mail, or phone call away. Not only do we provide tutorials on each category of the grading system but also complete cutting charts for approved shapes.

Bottom line

We are confident that you will find this system intuitive and easy to navigate. Every bit of arduous ray-tracing tasks has been done for you. Ray tracing has never been this easy.

Performance Grading Software® Member Price: $995.00
Performance Grading Software® Non-Member Price: $1195.00

Performance Grading Software® Tutorial 

If you have any questions please contact the AGS Education Department at 866.805.6500 or agseducation@ags.org

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