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Natural Diamond Verification

There is a growing concern in the diamond industry about the sale and resale of synthetic diamonds, and rightfully so. Considering the risk that undisclosed, synthetic or treated diamonds could be mistaken for natural, untreated diamonds, it is clear that you need to know—without a doubt—the authenticity of your purchase. Are you paying an appropriate price for what you are buying? Conversely, is your customer paying an appropriate price for what you are selling?

AGS Laboratories Diamond Verification offers a solution that will provide you with peace of mind while saving you time and money. Diamond testing equipment is costly, and it requires professionals who understand how to properly interpret the results. The AGS Laboratories Natural Diamond Verification provides:

  • A team of diamond grading professionals, using state-of-the-art equipment, will verify if a diamond is natural.
  • HPHT testing. Has your natural diamond been treated? It’s crucial that you know in order to properly disclose this important detail to your clients.
  • Affordable fees that include a convenient credit card sized document to help you sell or resell with confidence.
  • Fast service. Turnaround time for the testing is 48 hours or less.
  • Full grading services. If your diamond passes for natural, you have the option to go for a full grade, and the Natural Diamond Verification fee is waived.

AGS Laboratories is the only nonprofit laboratory created with a mission of consumer protection, and the Natural Diamond Verification is an extension of that mission. It is vital to your brand, reputation—and bottom line—that you know for certain whether the diamonds you are selling are natural or not, or have been treated.

Contact our team of professionals today and learn how we can save you time, money and provide you with peace of mind that the diamonds you are buying and selling are the real deal…or not.