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Mounted Diamond Evaluation Report

Quick Facts about this Report

  • Provides a grading analysis of diamonds already set in jewelry
  • Includes color and clarity grades
  • Includes total carat weight
  • Includes Manufacturer's Description and verifies metal stamp and hallmark
  • Includes a photo representation of the graded jewelry
  • Convenient credit card sized report

Report Detail 

The Mounted Diamond Evaluation Report offers a detailed grading analysis of diamonds set in jewelry. The main stones in the jewelry must be natural, white diamonds. 

This report includes color and clarity grades (as the mounting permits), approximate total carat weight (as provided by the manufacturer), a description of the jewelry, and our verification of the mounting's stamp representing metal quality. Please note, if AGS graded your loose gems before they were mounted, your color and clarity grades will remain the same, when the previous grading information is provided.

Our lab also confirms that the graded diamonds are natural and untreated. Because we want to ensure the integrity of your report, these reports are prepared by the same graders who provide excellence with our loose diamond grading.

Mounted Goods Evaluation Report

Why This Report is Great

Jewelers often set diamonds to present each stone at its best. When it comes to evaluating set diamonds, our experts know that even the most beautiful diamonds cannot be viewed without limitation within a metal setting, no matter how perfectly they may be set. Therefore, the process we have developed for the Mounted Diamond Evaluation Report represents the grade for the finished jewelry as the customer will see it when worn on their hand, ear, neck or wrist.

The report is presented in a credit-card-size format that is easy to read and includes a photo representation of the graded jewelry.

How it Works

First, our grading expert tests the diamond or diamonds included in the jewelry, using the same diamond testing equipment used for loose diamonds. This test must determine that the diamond is natural and not in any way treated to move to the next step.

Next, the jewelry continues to color grading. We use a set of mounted color master diamonds and compare them to the diamonds in the jewelry to assess these grades. Each piece will be assigned a color range within two grades that represents the minimum color for the entire piece of jewelry.

Then, the clarity of the mounted diamonds is assessed. Using 10x magnification, the industry standard, we assess the clarity of the primary diamonds. Remember, the presence of the setting affects how the grader sees the clarity of the diamond.

Finally, a small tag is attached to the jewelry, printed with the AGS Laboratories report number and the client's item number. The tag matches the jewelry to the report, which helps to protect you against fraud.

For more details about the process and procedures of the AGS mounted grading service, click here.

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