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AGS Member Referral

The Society needs the invaluable assistance and professional contacts of our members to continue our growth and promote our message of ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection. The American Gem Society recognizes and rewards our members for furthering the Society's mission through the referral of newly elected members and new titleholders. We welcome your qualified member prospect referral and, in return, will provide you with the following acknowledgement for your efforts:

One Firm: Conclave Recognition & Pin Two Firms: First-Time Rate at Next Conclave /Conclave Recognition & Pin Three Firms: Free Registration Next Conclave /Conclave Recognition & Pin

(Newly elected firms only)

In addition to the acknowledgements above, all members referring a newly elected firm will receive special recognition in our publications.

Members who refer new Titleholders will receive special recognition at Conclave and in American Gem Society publications.

The referral period runs from Conclave-to-Conclave. Some restrictions may apply. For more information, please contact Peggy Campbell in Membership Development at 702.255.6500 extension 1005 or via e-mail at pcampbell@americangemsociety.org.