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March 2011

March 14, 2011

GIA Sponsors High-Impact Educational Track at AGS Conclave

 Las Vegas – In what is becoming a hallmark of the American Gem Society’s Conclave, GIA is once again this year offering an informative, hands-on educational track with classes ranging from Pearls and Field Gemology to the Bizarre and Unusual—in gemology, of course.

AGS Conclave is offering seventeen hours of hands-on GIA Lab classes and lectures designed to not only further enrich the gemological and business skills of the AGS membership, but to provide practical tools that can help members take their business to the next level.

"You won’t find this educational opportunity at any other show," said Ruth Batson, CEO and Executive Director of AGS. "Our Conclave attendees have access to a GIA gemological hands-on experience at no extra cost. It’s possible because of GIA’s significant sponsorship to Conclave. Their generosity, and the talent their team brings to Conclave, are two important reasons why Conclave has been a growing success.”

In Advanced Diamond Clarity Grading, Shelly Verwymeren, CG at GIA, will teach the best methodology to grade diamonds for clarity with a microscope and loupe. Participants will cover proper lighting techniques and viewing geometry to determine the best environment to identify clarity characteristics and enhance grading accuracy. Ms. Verwymeren will also lead Field Gemology. In this seminar, participants will use pocketsize instruments, like loupes and hand-held spectroscopes and dichroscopes to learn how to make identifications of gemstones at trade shows or “in the field.”

Pearls will be the focus of another workshop taught by Ms. Verwymeren. Students will learn the methodology GIA Laboratory uses to classify the value factors of freshwater and saltwater pearls, as well as how to adapt these techniques for their own use.

John Koivula, CG, GIA, will teach participants how to identify synthetic corundum, such as ruby and sapphire in the CG Clinic: Synthetic Corundum in Review. Participants will use a specially selected collection of synthetic rubies and sapphires in this hands-on clinic in order to become more expert at identifying these lab-grown products.

Craig Danforth of GIA will teach students how to tap into GIA’s education courses in just a few simple clicks in his workshop, Join the Learning E-Volution. GIA eLearning takes gemology to a whole new level with its interactive courses designed to educate gem professionals. This session will feature a tour of GIA”s newest eLearning offering, Pearls.

Finally, things get weird when Brendan Laurs, editor of G&G magazine, lectures on some of the strange and bizarre stones published in Gems & Gemology over the years with his presentation, Chronicles from Gems and Gemology: The Bizarre and Unusual. Have you heard of hibonite or hanksite? How about pearls from scallops? In this fascinating presentation, Laurs will guide participants through a gallery of gemological oddities.

For additional information about Conclave, please contact Jennifer Dennis at 866.805.6500 x1031.

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