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How to Buy Citrine

Kara Ross

Whether shopping for a November birthday, a 13th wedding anniversary, or just an affordable piece of jewelry to complement any style, citrine makes a perfect gift.

Citrine is one of the most affordable and abundant gemstones on the market. Even fine, large gems are modestly priced, which means everyone can find citrine to fit their budget.

These gems can be evaluated by the same factors as diamonds. Because the majority of citrine gems on the market have been heat treated—and because it takes an expert to detect these enhancements—it’s wise to shop with an AGS jeweler who can help you choose the best gem.

The finest citrine gems are saturated with yellow, orange and reddish hues, while stones of lower value appear pale or smoky. Earth-tones of amber brown are also increasingly popular.


Because these colors are rare in nature, most citrine is created by heating less expensive varieties of quartz, including amethyst and smoky quartz, to produce yellow gems. Most citrine on the market has been heat treated.

Citrine is readily available in sizes up to 20 carats—and, because its price doesn’t rise exponentially with carat weight, big gems are relatively inexpensive.

At its largest, citrine can weigh hundreds and even thousands of carats, like a Brazilian stone at the Smithsonian Institution weighing 2,258 carats.

Thanks to the abundance of large citrine, and the treatment methods that turn less expensive stones into this yellow gem, it’s easy to find citrine at a good price.

Visit an AGS jeweler who can help you select the perfect gemstone or learn more about birthstones.