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How to Buy Bloodstone

Bloodstone ring by Stuller

Whether purchasing bloodstone as a gift for a March birthday, or simply wanting to have your own “lucky charm,” it is an affordable way to enjoy a unique gemstone.

The color of bloodstone can range from light to dark green, with subtle or prominent spots or stripes of red or rust. Most stones have very distinct light and dark color zones, so you may not want to be on the hunt for an evenly colored bloodstone as this may be a very difficult or impossible task. Plus, the color gradient is part of the stone’s distinctive look and charm.

Bloodstone can range from translucent to nearly opaque. When cut and polished well, it can have a beautiful shine and luster, though the luster is different than other stones and will generally appear smooth or waxy.

Depending on the size of the stone, it may be cut with facets into unique or traditional shapes. Smaller stones are often cut and polished into beads, and can also appear as a part of carvings, shapes (like hearts), seals or cameos.

This stone looks particularly beautiful as a pendant or a beaded bracelet. Since bloodstone is rife with symbolism and positive properties, many may choose to wear as an everyday piece or small amulet, so be sure that the way it is set and mounted is durable and secure enough for heavier wear.

Visit your local AGS jeweler or learn more about birthstones.