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American Gem Society Member Classifications

Member Classifications

1. Titleholder
Continued employment with an American Gem Society Firm Member is a requirement for the awarding and continued use of an American Gem Society title. Each titleholder also must successfully complete an annual Recertification Exam to maintain the title.

American Gem Society individual titles include:

 RJ  Registered Jeweler 

 RS  Registered Supplier

 CG  Certified Gemologist

 CGA  Certified Gemologist Appraiser

 ICGA  Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser

2. Affiliate
An individual who previously held a title, but is not currently employed with an American Gem Society Member Firm.

3. Student Affiliate
Engaged in or meets the educational requirements of membership and is employed by a firm that is completing membership requirements.

4. Honorary Member
Individuals or firms that are recognized for their outstanding service to the industry or Society.

5. Firm Member
A firm or company must have been in business a minimum of two years and maintain at least one full-time employee who is an American Gem Society titleholder. The firm also agree to possess the required gemological equipment appropriate to its category of membership. Member firms include Retail Jewelers, Suppliers and Independent Certified Gemologist Appraisers (ICGA).

Retail Firm is engaged primarily in the sale of jewelry to the consumer and does not operate as a wholesaler or pawnbroker.
The Supplier Firmis engaged primarily in the sale and/or manufacturing of jewelry to the retailer.
An ICGA Firm is engaged primarily in the evaluation and valuation of jewelry and does not partake in the sale or purchase of jewelry.

6. Sustaining Member
A Sustaining Firm is associated with the jewelry industry but not in the manufacturing or sale of jewelry. 

7. Certified Sales Associate
Individuals who have successfully completed the Graduate Sales Associate course and The AGS Professional module, and who are actively selling in an American Gem Society Member Firm. This designation also requires the successful completion of an annual Recertification Exam.

8. Certified Jewelry Arts Professional
The American Gem Society designation, Certified Jewelry Arts Professional, recognizes bench jewelers who have completed not only a certain level of expertise at the bench, but who also have made the commitment to the ideals of the Society by completing the AGS Way course.  This elevates the status of the jewelry arts professional as a craftsperson with the same level of ethics and standards as the rest of the firm.