Las Vegas, NV (August 25, 2015) – From mine to mounting, the unique 8.52 carat “Esperanza” diamond, one of the most significant finds ever in the history of the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park, will be cut, graded, designed into a piece of fine jewelry, and appraised, all in North America, all by American Gem Society (AGS) members.

The diamond, which has been named, “Esperanza,” will be cut by Master Diamond Cutter and AGS member, Mike Botha of Embee Diamond Technologies, at a special cutting event held at AGS member retailer, Stanley Jewelers Gemologist, starting September 9, 2015 in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Award-winning jewelry designer, Erica Courtney, another prominent AGS member, has agreed to design a one-of-a-kind mounting for the stone and craft a piece of jewelry, which will be sold at auction in early December 2015.  From appraisal to grading, from cutting to jewelry crafting, AGS members will be involved at every step in the process to ensure the highest level of quality for the Esperanza.

“We are excited to be a part of such an important and historical American diamond,” says Ruth Batson, CEO of American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories. “With so many AGS members involved, this is certain to become an American jewel that the ultimate owner/wearer enjoy with confidence.”

Since its formation in the layers of the earth’s crust, the Esperanza has been, and continues to be, native to North America. Discovered in Arkansas, the impressively large 8.52 carat rough stone traveled home with the lucky person (Ms. B. Oskarson) to Colorado where she quickly contacted well-known jewelry appraiser and AGS member, Neil Beaty, ICGA, in Denver, seeking his expertise for an appraisal.  The stone will return home to Arkansas for the special diamond-cutting event where Mr. Botha will cut the stone into a unique one of a kind custom-designed triolette shape. A 3D model of the stone cutting will be forwarded in advance to Ms. Courtney, for design inspiration and preparation. The triolette stone is expected to be around 5 carat after cutting and polishing.  AGS Laboratories will issue its final diamond grading report, and Ms. Courtney will create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry featuring the diamond. Upon completion, the finished piece will be sold at auction.

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