Doug Parker Receives Shipley Award at the 2014 Conclave


April 29, 2014

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 Doug Parker Receives Shipley Award at the 2014 Conclave

May 3, 2011, Las Vegas. Doug Parker, CG, co-owner of Balanced Diamonds is the 2014 recipient of the American Gem Society’s Robert M. Shipley award. AGS members presented him with the award at their annual Conclave in San Diego, CA on April 25.

Doug received the award based on his expertise and commitment to his community, personal business, the jewelry industry, and because of his outstanding service to the AGS and AGS Laboratories.

“Doug is well-deserving of this honor. He has demonstrated his dedication to the ethical standards of the American Gem Society through his professional career and his volunteer service,” said Ruth Batson, Executive Director & CEO of the American Gem Society.

Doug is a proud and distinguished member of the New York 24 Karat Club, Plum Club, American Gem Society and has served on both the AGS and AGS Laboratories board, most recently, he served as the Chairman of the AGS Laboratories Board of Managers. 

Doug started his career in the jewelry industry as an instructor at GIA. Since 2011, he has worked as a co-founder of Balanced Diamonds in New York, along with his business partner, Dick Greenwood.

The American Gem Society, founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to proven ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection within the jewelry industry. The American Gem Society is a professional organization awarding credentials for its members, who are held to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry and must pass annual recertification examinations to maintain their titles. Less than five percent of jewelers in the country have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership.

Photo Caption: Bill Sites, CGA, Past Shipley winner (left), and Doug Parker, CG, (right), the American Gem Society’s 2014 Shipley recipient.


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