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Diamond Quality Report

Quick Facts about this Report

  • Provides complete grading of a diamond
  • Includes Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight
  • Includes profile with measurements and a custom plot
  • Available with or without cut grade
  • Portrait orientation with a presentation folder

Diamond Quality Report


Why It’s Great

The AGS Diamond Quality® Report offers a complete grading analysis of a diamond, including the profile with measurements, AGS color and clarity grades, and custom plot.  The AGS Diamond Quality® Report provides cut, polish, symmetry, and shows a maximum grade of AGS 1 (Excellent). As the lab’s most versatile report, it is available with or without cut grade and is available for all shapes of diamonds.  

For a thorough grading analysis of a diamond encompassing unique profile, facet plot, cut, polish and symmetry and maximum grading of AGS 1 (Excellent), the Diamond Quality® Report is the smart choice.

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