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Diamond Quality® Certificate

Diamond Quality Certificate

When you buy a diamond, it will most likely come with a document explaining its qualities — and that’s good.

There is a downside. No one is watching over the diamond grader to ensure they are certified and skilled at grading diamonds, so your diamond could be a lower quality than the document says.

That’s why the American Gem Society and the American Gem Society Laboratories developed a Diamond Quality® Certificate (DQC) with one person in mind: you! This is the first and only certificate to guarantee authenticity and provide accountability for the diamond’s grade.

Easy to read and understand, the DQC builds on the strengths of the American Gem Society, because it:

  • Certifies the American Gem Society member’s commitment to building a lasting relationship with you.
  • Certifies the authenticity and quality of the diamond you are purchasing.
  • Certifies the diamond has been graded using the cutting edge technology of the American Gem Society Laboratories.
  • Certifies that you have received knowledgeable information regarding your diamond.

Certifies that your American Gem Society professional is dedicated to setting, maintaining, and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior within the jewelry industry and your community.

The DQC Standards that Make the Difference:

  • The DQC is exclusively available through retail members of the American Gem Society®.
  • The DQC can only be signed by an American Gem Society titleholder.
  • The DQC will not be issued for diamonds sold over the Internet.
  • The DQC will be issued for diamonds that have a carat weight of .18 or higher.
  • The DQC contains a unique foil stamp and hologram to protect certificate authenticity.
  • The DQC can be registered with the American Gem Society by you.

Additional Protection when you need it most!

The DQC is the only certificate that insists that a jeweler upholds certain standards. Should a retail member firm not maintain the DQC’s integrity, the retail firm will be subject to the American Gem Society’s Grievance and Review process, up to and including expulsion from membership.

For additional information regarding the Diamond Quality® Certificate, contact an American Gem Society jeweler. Find a jeweler in your area by searching by your state or zip code.