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Diamond Cut Grade Sorting

This service provides diamond grading reports from the only nonprofit laboratory that offers consistency and accuracy based on science: AGS Laboratories. Let us help you increase profitability with this specialized service. When submitting diamonds, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • No minimum order is required
  • Please write “Cut Grade Sorting” on the package; this is important information for the Receiving Department
  • Place diamonds in individual parcel papers
  • Diamonds not meeting the AGS Ideal™ criteria will either be returned, or we can work  with you to determine other grading solutions
  • Please note: AGS Laboratories does not offer a recheck or treatment testing for this particular service
  • All diamonds meeting AGS Ideal will be processed for full grading and documents
  • Once sorting is complete, we will determine a turnaround time, unless you have specified a “rush” or “priority service”
  • Preliminary grading results will be sent to the client upon completion of full grading
  • Stones not meeting the AGS Ideal criteria will be issued a fee of 50% of your DQD pricing level and then returned back to you

AGS Laboratories believes that the best client service is collaborative. Our team is here to provide business solutions that will help you sell more diamonds. Call us to discuss your needs and we can help you find the right solution.