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Diamond Consultation

Quick Facts about this Report

  • Provides diamond information in a quick snapshot
  • Used for diamonds weighing 4.99 carats or less
  • Evaluates Color, Clarity and Carat weight
  • Includes profile with measurements and a custom plot
  • May include additional comments about the diamond

Diamond Consultation

Why It’s Great

No matter the actual size of an AGS Laboratories grading report, the quality and expert grading that goes into the report is the same. Our experts evaluate diamonds for this small “snapshot” report just as they’d evaluate any other diamond. The only difference is the size and presentation of the report!

This report is roughly the size of a credit card and includes the same high-level information of our Diamond Quality Document, including Color, Clarity and Carat weight of the diamond and any relevant comments.

It’s all the essentials of a diamond’s quality at a glance, which is just one more way we advocate with integrity on behalf of jewelry buyers!

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