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David Coll, CGA

David Coll is a Certified Gemologist Appraiser and is the owner of Montclair Jewelers, in Oakland, California. Since 1963 this second-generation jewelry store has served the East Bay area. Montclair Jewelers, located at 2083 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, California 94611, is a full-service jewelry store and has been a long-standing member of the American Gem Society. Founded in 1963 by Joseph Coll, C.G., his wife Blanca, and their son David, Montclair Jewelers has continued to grow and serve the community and its fine jewelry needs.

David was president of the Northern California Guild of AGS, was vice president of the Montclair Business Association, and has provided tips on jewelry store management in Jewelers’ Circular Keystone’s publication Handbook of Jewelry Store Management.

David has given several seminars at AGS conclaves since the 1980s, including lectures on computerizing a jewelry store, and using computers to assist in making comprehensive appraisals. David is on the AGS appraisal committee, helped to standardize the appraisal cover letter, and formed templates to use in Microsoft Word.