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Cut to the Chase

Here’s the most important thing to know about the 4Cs of a diamond: Cut is what matters most. Cut can effect over 50% of the value of a diamond.

Why? Cut is what allows the diamond to sparkle and brings out the inner beauty.

In 1966, the American Gem Society released the AGS Diamond Grading Standards Manual. The Manual was the first of its kind to include standards for all 4Cs, including cut.

Fast forward to 2004, the AGS Laboratories developed its revolutionary Light Performance Grading   System, that changed the way diamonds are cut. 

Today, because of this research from AGS Laboratories, you now have more beautiful diamonds to choose from because diamond cutters now have an even greater understanding of how to unleash a diamond’s beauty.

The Beauty of Sparkles

When it comes to diamonds, it’s all about the sparkle. The more a diamond retains light, the more it sparkles. Whether shopping for a loose diamond or diamond jewelry, here’s what to look for in the stone: 

  • Flashes of yellow, red or blue light
  • A balance of light and dark areas, which enhances the sparkle
  • A diamond that looks great in all types of lighting situations


To learn more about cut, contact an AGS jeweler near you.