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Circle of Distinction Dinner

Each summer, during the JA New York show, the American Gem Society hosts the Circle of Distinction Dinner at the prestigious Plaza Hotel. On this evening, the most prominent members of the jewelry industry gather to honor and recognize the achievements of their peers and colleagues.


The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement award is one of the highest honors an individual may receive from The Society. The award was instituted to honor those who have made significant contributions to the industry throughout their career.

The AGS Triple Zero®Award

The AGS Triple Zero® Award recognizes members of the jewelry industry for their accomplishments and contributions. Award recipients are not required to be Society titleholders or members, but must have a record of service to the industry and must uphold the professional excellence and ethical standards of the Society.


AGS Lifetime Achievement Award

2016 Dione Kenyon
2015 John Green, CGA
2014 Lee Berg
2013 Beryl Raff
2012 The Bridge Family
2011 David and Sybil Yurman
2010 Terry Burman
2008 John J. Kennedy
2007 Nathan R. Light
2006 Matthew G. Stuller
2005 Ronald R. Harder
2004 Matthew Runci
2003 G. Robert Crowningshield, CG
2002 Michael D. Roman
2001 Richard T. Liddicoat, ECG
2000 Alfred L. Woodill


AGS Triple Zero® Awards 


Hank Siegel, CGA

Stewart Wicht


Georgie Gleim, CG

Yancy Weinrich


Doug Hucker, CGA

Joel Schechter


Howard Hauben

The Bromberg Family


Rob Bates

Mark Moeller, CGA


Kathryn Kimmel

David L. Rocha


Phyllis Bergman

Allen Brill

The Clark Family


Anna Martin

Hugh Glenn


Ellen Lacy, CGA

Tom Moses


Thomas A. Andruskevich

Michael Bondanza


William G. Underwood, CGA

The Green Family:
John A. Green, Marc A. Green and Robert E. Green


Mark & Candy Udell

George Holmes


The Kwiat Family:
David S. Kwiat, Lowell M. Kwiat, Sheldon F. Kwiat, and Jacques Roisen 

Lee Berg

Cecilia Gardner


Bill Boyajian, CG

Ralph Destino

Richard Krementz, Jr.

Harold Tivol


Helene Fortunoff

Laurie Hudson

Koichi Takahashi

Gabi Tolkowsky, RS


Herb Bridge, CG & Bob Bridge

Leon Tempelsman

Lynn Diamond

Walter Fischer