Carranza y Carranza


Carranza y Carranza has 7 boutiques in Mexico and has recently ventured into the international market by placing his first boutique in San Antonio, Texas. They are recognized as one of the best jewelers of Latin America for for their beautiful diamonds and fine jewelry pieces made by some of the best designers in the world.  This month, we are fortunate enough to feature AGS member Rogelio Carranza, CG.  Rogelio was kind enough to answer our questions and provide some great insight from Carranza y Carranza. 

Spotlight Questionnaire

When did you first realize you were passionate about jewelry?

I think that it is in my blood! I am passionate about jewelry, specifically diamonds. I have been lucky to be born into a jewelers family, so at every lunch and dinner the talks included gems, sales, and customers. I did my school homework and did play over the showcases. I have beautiful memories of my childhood, now I remember when I was 8 years old playing to "sell rings" using some wax samples.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working with diamonds and traveling to visit our suppliers.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?

Meeting Charlie Rosario. He motivated me to study about diamonds, to complete my GIA education, and to be a member of the AGS.

What do you think your customers think of you as a jewelry professional?

Our customers know that we will work within their budget, that we have a knack for selecting jewelry that fits their tastes, that we have creative designs, or something that they can get from no other jeweler. My customers also know that we offer high quality jewelry and beautiful diamonds, but over all, that we are one of the best jewelers in our country because we are members of the AGS, sharing the highest standars of profesionalism, ethics, and service.

What are your hobbies—is there one (or several) that you are passionate about?

I am a hard worker, I love to work on my business and I love my family. My hobby is to enjoy my family and help other families to improve their relationships. My wife and myself are involved in our community promoting communications and understanding tools that help to build better marriages.